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Meet The Designer




I have always considered myself to be both an artist and a home designer. I have drawn and painted since I was a child. As a young adult, I was a realistic artist specializing in landscapes and figures and in the nearly four decades that I've been designing homes and remodels, my background and training in both fields has reflected my natural creativity as an artist.


Due to this, I have the unique ability to visualize my clients' dreams and aspirations, thus turning those dreams into reality. I feel a home should reflect the personality and characteristics of the people who will occupy it. When others see a home I've designed, it should portray these unique features at every angle from which it is viewed. 


I strive to make each project stand out from all others in the neighborhood, and appeal to visitors as warm and inviting. The front entry should draw the eye, and set the tone as a place of distinction and quality; forming the presentation and depicting the nature and overall impression of the rest of the space within. It should have a creative sense of balance and exquisite composition; just as a fine painting from a master artist would have.


My extensive experience and the talents I've had bestowed upon me allow for this creative, visual achievement to be realized in each home I design.






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