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Central Oregon offers a landscape and climate perfect for individuals, couples or families who love the outdoors. Its people are famous for their commitment to maintaining and encouraging an active and vibrant lifestyle whilst knowing just where to find the perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenery.



Make that place your home... 


Whether you are a golfer, skiier, climber, bike-rider, runner or hiker...


Or maybe you are wanting to spend quality time here in order to simply relax and enjoy the view during the best years of your life...  



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 Drafting Excellence

Central Oregon Home Design Floor Plans Resort Homes with a view Architecture Northwest home design
Central Oregon Home Design Floor Plans Resort Homes with a view Architecture Northwest home design

Floor Plans with a Vision


An Award-Winning Designer with decades of specialized experience, Don Mackprang will design floor plans with your visions, needs and style of living in mind. He will sit down with you and go over, on a room-by-room basis, every aspect of what should be included in the design.


This will include everything relevant to the layout of the plan, as well as the property. Don will intently and perceptively listen to your thoughts and ideas in order to recommend the various options open to you and execute a plan that aligns with that vision.


Mackprang Design can also assist you with selecting a building site if you haven’t picked one already. Don will help in the pre-evaluation of your site, discuss design and budget goals and help determine your best options.


Don uses the property that you’ve set your heart on as a springboard to create the perfect home to compliment and utilize the natural beauty of the surrounding area. He works closely with builders and craftsmen, guiding you from preliminary sketches to construction, setting forth the plans you’ve only imagined in motion through the creative, technical and professional processes to fruition in order for you to attain your dream home.

Leavenworth Home
Leavenworth Home Courtyard View

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